Tuesday, March 27, 2012


DEAR FELLOW IFB CULT SURVIVORS!! I have spoken to many of you over the past 2 years and some of the stories that have been shared with me -under the strictest of confidences- remain in absolute confidence. I just wanted to share the following article about the McMartin Case here in California, it does not only resound to what they are doing to my son at an illuminati and government ran school for 'disabled' children but it also strikes a chord with the stories I have heard about places of torture in the IFB ran schools, the schools ran by friends of the very people that defrauded us Doug Brandenberg, Jeff Mcardle, Peter Ruckman, Doug Fisher, Joshua Stephenson, the whoremongering reverend Brian Donovan, etc. I have been told by many of you that David Gibbs Jr of the Christian Law Association is a high ranking freemason, who wears his masonic ring and has meetings all over the country with churches and brings them into masonic lodges ... well guess what happens at masonic lodges?? they summon demonic powers, do black magic and all that, anyway, I quieted down after Nov 01, 2011 after they shut down my youtube channel and threatened to murder my family and I if I kept talking about what is going on in the IFB, well I won't say much more but check out this article and you will understand and start to draw connections and draw your own conclusions. Thank you for allowing me to post, please do check out www.endritualabuse.org for the articles, The IFB is ran by Vatican Agents and the type of experimentation and abuse that has gone on in its 'correctional and boarding Christian Schools' is CIA Mind Control, that's why everyone is terrified to talk but don't be, remember -The Truth Will Set you Free-!! God bless, please pray for us, now after they defrauded us out of everything we have they want to imprison me and murder me, but I know in whom I have believed in!! God will judge these filthy dogs someday!!


Monday, March 26, 2012


Hey Everyone,

Well now I'm facing criminal contempt charges for not paying child support to a high satanic priestess who is drugging my son with Lithium and 25 other psychiatric drugs and subjecting him to MK Ultra, Project Bluebird, Project Monarch Mind control programming www.endritualabuse.org for more info, anyway I appreciate your prayers, here is a letter I wrote to my lawyer and copied the murderers that defrauded us in the IFB out of our home and life savings!!

Hey Matthew,

I'm writing this email to the pedophile satanists that defrauded my mother out of her home and life savings.

These Vatican assassins stand on a pulpit and proclaim themselves as 'men of God' that you are supposed to blindly obey. We spent 5 years in a hell hole called 'Lighthouse Baptist Church' in San Diego, I call it Dog house 'Baptist' Snare ... these Jesuit Priests suck you into a cult where they convince you that they are the only ones that have the truth and turn you into an indentured servant, demanding over 20% of your income and all your time outside of work to recruit new suckers into their snare, a false version of Christianity where they use you and abuse you and take note on everything you tell them about your personal life -in confidence- so they can use it against you and twist it around with lies the moment you realize they are Vatican Agents out to steal from you and destroy you.

They talked my mother into selling her home to steal all her money and leave us homeless, there's a number of criminals associated with this fraud -see http://www.criminalconspiracy.net- for details.

I just wanted to let these pedophile satanists know that I may be going to prison for the supposed failure to pay child support after we were defrauded out of everything we have by these murderers with bibles my mother got late stage III breast cancer, these pedophile satanists passed the plate till they wore out the chrome when our 'pastor' Gill Torres' wife got cancer, but when my mother got it they would not even accept her in church and this vatican assassin we called our 'pastor' for years preached a sermon against my mother and refused to talk to her ... these people have ran so called christian correctional schools where kids were being sexually abused and literally tortured under the name of God -check out all the IFB Cult survivor forums on facebook- this whole operation is of course protected by David Gibbs of the 'christian law association' a high ranking freemason that protects every pedophile that is charged in this system and covers up the crimes of these murderers with bibles.

Matthew, don't answer any questions to these pedophiles you are welcome to confirm that you are my attorney appointed to me because I cannot afford one and facing criminal charges of not paying support but don't tell these murderers with bibles anything else because they will try to use it against me.

One of these murderers named Jeff Mcardle has convinced all his followers that my mother gave up her home of 30 years to give him the $15,000 he stole -and he would have stolen alot more if he could have- and then these murderers with bibles threaten us with things told to our pastors in San Diego in confidence.

They refuse to return a dime ... the bible says THEY DEVOUR WIDOWS HOUSES AND FOR PRETENSE MAKE LONG PRAYER ... that's this bunch of ruthless Dogs.

I have told them that I will be filing a 911 million dollar lawsuit against the state for the satanic ritual abuse being committed against my son and for the fraud against my mother, but these dogs think they are above the law and have their freemason lawyer who gets $5 million a year in donations to defend all their criminals, pedophiles and con man in this crooked movement that is no different than scientology or the mormon or jehova's witness church ... they are wolves crept in unawares that destroy the flock.

These filthy dogs set me up and even tried to imprison me, they will inherit Damnation on the day of judgment!!

These murderers with bibles will not escape God's judgment!

Hey Matthew,

My last email got cut short, sorry. As I was telling you, I am suing these pedophile satanists because they not only defrauded my mother with late stage III cancer out of her home but they have aided and abbetted June Hunter -the high satanic priestess that is subjecting my son to MK Ultra mind control programming via Nazi Doctors brought over by the CIA to the US to continue their Seed of Abraham Genocide activities-

The interesting thing is that these murderers with bibles are involved in the same thing if you talk to the literally thousands of survivors of the IFB Cult (Independent Fundamental Baptist).

For example people speak about torture chambers with handcuffs in these 'correctional' christian boarding schools these pedophile satanists have put out all over the country where children are being systematically beaten, raped, prevented from having bowel movements and abused to death ... all under the guise of Christianity of course.

These murderers with bibles are Jesuit Priests, there is a conspiracy of the Vatican to destroy biblical christianity, its as old as dirt itself, you're not a Christian Matthew so I have to educate you on this. These murderers with bibles take extreme oaths like the Extreme Jesuit oath and vow and swear to persecute would be believers in Christ through any means, deception, to wage relentless war against them, to boil, flay them, etc ... very graphic stuff.

The people that run Doghouse Baptist Snare are generational satanists, they pretend to be 'men of God' that stand on a pulpit and lie to people to manipulate them and bring them into a mind control snare where they can con them out of all their money -and like they did to my mother- DEVOUR WIDOWS HOUSES AND FOR PRETENSE MAKE LONG PRAYER. They twist the scriptures to their convenience to keep people under their 'authority' and mind control and they will utterly destroy anyone that wakes up and tries to expose these Vatican Assassins for who they really are.

They are the reason I am unemployed just as much as June Hunter and all the satanists that are behind the ritual abuse and drugging of my son since age 2 with adult dosages of Lithium and 25 other hard core psychiatric drugs given to him in adult dosages.

The bible even talks about these murderers, read Matthew 23, Phillipians 3, etc ... they are wolves crept in unawares that will spare not the flock, with feigned words they shall deceive many, but their damnation lingereth not!

They run these bible institutes on a demerit system where they can kick anyone out for any reason at any time. They kept pressuring my mother to sell her house and she would not do it, then they lured us in with the promise of an online bible institute, a spanish reference bible set to reina valera 1865 and Peter Ruckman's reference bible and the translation of 120 publications.

I left my business here to do that and my mother provided the funding but all these pedophile satanists wanted to do was take our money and then threaten us with extorsion and death threats not to say a word. The funny thing is they fly the same golden fringe martial/roman/masonic law flag that the courts have and when they threaten me these Vatican Assassins were wearing the all seeing eye of horus gold fringe triangle on their jackets ... right after a sermon where they proclaim the love of Christ of course ... These are wells without water and they will be sued in the 911 million dollar lawsuit we are filing against the state for Genocide, criminal conspiracy and state sponsored terrorism of my son, these Vatican Agents are just as responsible as June Hunter and her friends from her satanic coven as well as the shadow government and their secret societies and rule through secrecy.

God said that he would separate the wheat from the chaff in the end, well these pedophile satanists are the chaff, they are there to undermine the church of christ, to deceive people into a spiritual snare, this hell hole called dog house baptist snare is infested with Jesuit Priests and members of secret societies, their lawyer David Gibbs is a high ranking freemason, he wears the masonic ring and puts people in masonic lodges for 'church services' all over the country, he protects every murderer, pedophile and con man like Jeff Mcardle in the fundamental baptist cult and does so with money donated by the very would be christians they mind control.... $5 million dollars a year in donations, like the 'valera bible society' that stole our money and threatened us with extorsion and death threats, they get up to $500,000 a year and Jeff Mcardle is riding the high hog jet setting through latin america on stolen money and playing golf at exclusive resorts in miami.... but this whole thing was a set up and the intellectual authors of this set up are the 'leaders' of Dog House Baptist Snare, Gill Torres, Doug Fisher, Doug Brandenberg, Joshua Stephenson, Jeff Mcardle, Peter Ruckman, Brian Donova, Ron Forte, the whoremongering reverend Brian Donovan and the rest of the Valera Bible Society criminals that defrauded us, they will all be on our 911 million dollar lawsuit right next to the satanists that are drugging my son and attacking my workplace.

Just wanted to give you a heads up.

The lake of fire was created for these false religious leaders that are leading the flock astray, they work for the Vatican, not for the Living God!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Open Letter to Members of:

Lighthouse Baptist Church San Diego
'Pastors' Doug Fisher and Gill Torres
Valera Bible Society/Jeff Mcardle and friends
Pensacola Bible Church and Institute
Fellowship Baptist church and track league
Hyles Anderson College and First Baptist Church of Hammond
Christian Law Association/David Gibbs jr and III

Dear Brethren,

My family and I have been the victims of horrendous financial fraud in the hands of Jeff Mcardle
of the Valera bible society and friends.

Jeff Mcardle convinced me and my mother to sell our home of almost 30 years and give him
the money so we could produce a Spanish reference bible set to the Reina Valera 1865 and
translate 120 of Peter Ruckman's publications in Spanish (all the details of this, including the contract can be found at our website http://www.criminalconspiracy.net)

At the time of entering into this contract my family and I were in deep financial dire straights as a result of a woman named June Hunter who is a multigenerational Satanist who got me drunk and drugged me the day she got pregnant -the whole thing was a set up- and my son has been under the medical drugging of Psychiatrists brought over from Nazi Germany under Project Paperclip, MK Ultra, Project Bluebird, etc all ran by the CIA and the secret shadow government, its a bloodline crime and an end time/armaggedon plan of the powers that be (see criminal conspiracy,net, stopritualabuse.org, ritualabuse.us, shatterthedarkness.net, etc for more info on generational satanic crime in the US, I never had a relationship with this woman and the whole thing was a set up and she has tormented my life, my workplace, career and that of my family for 12 years including a hit and run/attempted murder on my mother on halloween 2004 (see the blogs on criminalconspiracy.net for more info, I had a youtube channel with almost 400 videos that got taken down by her and her friends youtube.com/reinavalera1865, where I also discussed prophecy, current events and what we were defrauded of)

When we entered into this agreement with Jeff Mcardle and members of the Valera Bible Society we had not sold our home, we had a mortgage of around $900 dollars and a trailer in the backyard that we rented for that that paid our mortgage, our house was also under prop 13 so we paid about 10% of the current CA tax rate and had put in over $120,000 dollars in home improvements to our home over the last 3 years all done by me on my spare time) … we ended up selling our home for about 30 cents on the dollar because there was a promise that we were going to impact all of Latin America with the Gospel, a reference bible, an online bible institute, 120 publications, etc.

Little did we know this was an entire con job by a psychopathic criminal named Jeff McArdle and his friends of the Valera Bible Society! We sold our home at a cost of $29,500 dollars and netted around $100,000 from the sale of the home -my mothers money- whom she gladly gave so we could enter into this agreement and so I could escape the extreme persecution from June Hunter and so she could move closer to her church at Lighthouse Baptist San Diego and get away from the continuous assassination attempts on her that were becoming more prevalent (June Hunter has been behind this all along).

I sold my business and moved to Pensacola Florida to Peter Ruckman's church to create that online bible institute that was going to reach potentially one Billion Spanish Speakers throughout Latin America.

Mr Jeff Mcardle then kept pressuring us for more and more money and his stories increasingly became more and more random, in the end they robbed us of $15,000 dollars, but it cost me about $20,000 dollars to relocate to Florida from California and after they conned us out of everything they could they threw me out and made all kinds of extorsion threats to me … basically everything that I or my family had ever told our "pastors" Gill Torres, Doug Fisher, Doug Brandenberg and Joshua Stephenson was presented to us -twisted around of course- in the form of threats … apparently there is no counselor/pastor privilege with them but it was all an extorsion attempt to silence us … interestingly enough they used symbols of the all seeing eye of horus on their jackets during these threats using masonic/satanic symbology (I explain a lot more of this on my youtube videos which I still have and in the criminalconspiracy.net blogs)

When we entered into this contract with Mr Jeff Mcardle we were already under extreme dire straights being Satanically persecuted for over a dozen years by June Hunter and friends who terrorized my workplace, career, business, etc relentlessly … but this was never a consideration for Mr. Jeff McArdle and friends, they basically just wanted to have us sell our home and steal all our money and then threaten us with extorsion, which is exactly what they did and got away with it.

We have spent 2 years contacting the FBI, the Secret Service, the Pensacola and Hialeah Police, Sheriffs department and economic crimes divisions all to no avail… Our losses are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, we have literally lost everything, house, vehicles, life savings, my business, personal items such as jewelry, electronics, production equipment from my business, just to put food on the table because I can't receive disability or even food stamps for some reason and now we are down to nothing… we don't even have money to pay our rent anymore at the place we are renting, my mother is on social security disability and went through a nasty Stage III Breast cancer surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy and is currently on hormone therapy … Mr. Jeff McArdle of course did take the time to answer one of my mothers calls to him to curse her and me

i texted him 2 days ago telling Jeff Mcardle we don't have money to pay our rent and he texted back saying 'he didn't believe in abortion till he met me' … we lost everything, home, life saving, career, etc and that's all he can say???

we need your prayers and financial support!!

donations can be made at criminal conspiracy.net under the paypal button

Jeff Mcardle needs to be put behind bars! He is a criminal and a psychopath with no conscience!!

I personally fell into a deep depression and despair and borderline suicidal for the past two years, been unemployed and now being held in contempt for not paying child support and facing a year in jail over it -of course while my son is being drugged and tortured- and while Jeff Mcardle and his friends enjoy all the financial benefits of the money that came out of the sale of our home

where is the christian charity in all this??? we gave our lives to Lighthouse baptist church and to this bible institute thing and now I'm facing imprisonment and can't take care of two sick elderly parents!

Where is the love?? Do we have to file a lawsuit or criminal charges to get any help???

We contacted every 'missionary' out of Pensacola bible institute for years and all we get are curses or people saying 'why don't you go knock on doors'.. thats all we did our whole lives and now we lost everything and facing imprisonment! is that the love of Christ??

Our losses are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and we can't get one word of encouragement from the whole body of Christ ... are you ministers of God or Vatican Assassins??

Communications with the attorney they appointed me re contempt

Hey Matthew,

I realize I've already sent you quite a bit of emails but I need to get some clarification from you.

The last time DCSS charged me with contempt they appointed 'counsel', that lawyer basically told me
he gets paid $200 bucks a pop and that I had to plead guilty or otherwise I was going to go to jail because
he was not going to represent me.

Back then I already had an enormous amount of evidence of the Satanic Ritual Abuse being perpetrated on my son,
of all of the steps June Hunter had taken to discredit me personally and professionaly and in my business and career but the lawyer said he would not defend me.

I asked commissioner Magnuson for another attorney and the next lawyer basically said the same thing, he said the only 2 valid 'excuses' was if I was imprisoned or hospitalized and I tried to explain to him that the woman was thorougly terrorizing my workplace and ability to earn a living but he would not hear it so I pleaded guilty and paid $500 a month for a year while the woman continued terrorizing my workplace on a weekly basis! ... this is when she was contacting all the wedding vendors I work with telling them I'm some kind of nut job terrorist and showing them the crap she has up on the internet right now.

The over $70,000 dollars in 'arrears' that were there by then were not addressed and I was not working all of that time because she got me fired from every job I held with the same crap she now has on the internet and then did this 'fatal attraction' stunt to basically get me to flee the country because she swore she would make my life an absolute living hell if I was not 'her man'.

What I'm trying to get at here is whether you are also on the $200 dollar fee schedule the other 2 lawyers talked about or whether you are somehow going to address my concerns.

Like I told you, this woman wants me imprisoned and murdered, you think I'm exagerating, but I'm not and she's straight out said it among a million other threats she's made that I have audio taped but the courts have threatened me that its illegal to audio tape anyone without their expressed consent.

I am absolutely conviced that this is a bloodline crime and the terror on me started in 1993, which makes it almost 20 years of absolute terror! In those years she and her friends have:

*Completely discredited the 7+ years of specialized training I entered to become a scientist
*Framed me with bogus accusations
*Had me fired from every job I've ever held
*Basically banned me from the biotech industry
*Attacked my workplace as a Wedding DJ and provider of wedding services
*Had my parents loose both of their homes to try to support me and keep me from being homeless
*My parents basically paid most of the child support she's received since her constant terror did not allow
me to work much all these years
*Tried to have me imprisoned and charged with 2 bogus felonies over a parody video
*Turned my son into a CIA MK Ultra guinnea pig for the elite
*Used Psychiatrist brought over from Nazi Germany by the CIA to poison my bloodline with Lithium
and other hard core drugs since age 2
*Submitted my only son to countless satanic rituasl
*Attepted assassination on my mother on Oct 31, 2004 by a hit and run
*Filed countless court pleadings to keep me stressed out all the time
*Had me under continuous threats re not seeing my son
... and I could go on and on.

What I would like to accomplish is the following:
*To have her DCSS case closed permanently because she has caused us literally over a million dollars
in damages, lost income, loss of property, loss of career, loss of business, loss of quality of life, etc
(its not easy when people in your industry think ur a nut and a terrorist based on her accusations)
*I want this child taken away from her and for him to get medical help for all the trauma and satanic ritual
abuse he has been subjected to (they perform over 500 specific satanic trauma/dissociation rituals on average
by the time these children are 13)
*This woman and the Nazi doctors that are torturing my son need to be criminally persecuted, but there is a massive cover up in San Diego on Satanic Crime and the San Diego DA's office does not even recognize its existence even though San Diego is one of the largest cities where this type of crime occurs
*Financial restitution needs to be made to me and my family for all the trauma and financial losses we have suffered as a result of this Satanic crime being perpetrated on us and my son

So I want to know where you stand and whether you are going to represent me, do you just bill the county hourly or do you have a set fee they pay you?

I am putting together a 911 million dollar lawsuit against her, her accomplices and the state and the people in our church that defrauded us, not that I would ever hope to win a dime back or that I believe in this bogus justice system but I at least want to document in public everything that our family has been put through by these generational satanists and the states complete unwillingness to do anything about this.

I'm hoping to file this lawsuit before our next hearing on April 24th, provided they don't murder me or someone in my family before hand!

I'm also suing youtube/google for censorship, they shut down my 400 video account on the grounds of 'hate speech' when I was just defending myself of the railing accusations of June Hunter, yet they allow her youtube and google to remain -and now its ranked number 1 under search engine-, is there anything you can do about that??