Tuesday, March 27, 2012


DEAR FELLOW IFB CULT SURVIVORS!! I have spoken to many of you over the past 2 years and some of the stories that have been shared with me -under the strictest of confidences- remain in absolute confidence. I just wanted to share the following article about the McMartin Case here in California, it does not only resound to what they are doing to my son at an illuminati and government ran school for 'disabled' children but it also strikes a chord with the stories I have heard about places of torture in the IFB ran schools, the schools ran by friends of the very people that defrauded us Doug Brandenberg, Jeff Mcardle, Peter Ruckman, Doug Fisher, Joshua Stephenson, the whoremongering reverend Brian Donovan, etc. I have been told by many of you that David Gibbs Jr of the Christian Law Association is a high ranking freemason, who wears his masonic ring and has meetings all over the country with churches and brings them into masonic lodges ... well guess what happens at masonic lodges?? they summon demonic powers, do black magic and all that, anyway, I quieted down after Nov 01, 2011 after they shut down my youtube channel and threatened to murder my family and I if I kept talking about what is going on in the IFB, well I won't say much more but check out this article and you will understand and start to draw connections and draw your own conclusions. Thank you for allowing me to post, please do check out www.endritualabuse.org for the articles, The IFB is ran by Vatican Agents and the type of experimentation and abuse that has gone on in its 'correctional and boarding Christian Schools' is CIA Mind Control, that's why everyone is terrified to talk but don't be, remember -The Truth Will Set you Free-!! God bless, please pray for us, now after they defrauded us out of everything we have they want to imprison me and murder me, but I know in whom I have believed in!! God will judge these filthy dogs someday!!


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  1. Lies Lies and more Lies. This is why no one has replied to your petty cries, i say petty because they are all fabricated and or lies. You wonder why you are in the position you are in? Its because you are so far from being a true man of God that he is not there to help you. You serve Satan which is your real father. You are a liar, deceiver and a manipulative minion. You deserve every bit of what has came to you and what will come to you soon, mark my words..you have much much worse coming.

    By the way..one day you will stand in front of God on judgement day and the book will be opened and you will be accountable for every lie and deceptive fabricated accusation you have put on others.

    You do not believe in God because if you did you would eventually been so ashamed of all the lies and deceitfulness that you have done that you would have, should have fall on your face pleading with God for forgiveness but instead you carry on with this spiteful sin. May God have mercy upon you bro..you have no idea what is in store for you on judgement day.