Saturday, February 25, 2012

Communications with the attorney they appointed me re contempt

Hey Matthew,

I realize I've already sent you quite a bit of emails but I need to get some clarification from you.

The last time DCSS charged me with contempt they appointed 'counsel', that lawyer basically told me
he gets paid $200 bucks a pop and that I had to plead guilty or otherwise I was going to go to jail because
he was not going to represent me.

Back then I already had an enormous amount of evidence of the Satanic Ritual Abuse being perpetrated on my son,
of all of the steps June Hunter had taken to discredit me personally and professionaly and in my business and career but the lawyer said he would not defend me.

I asked commissioner Magnuson for another attorney and the next lawyer basically said the same thing, he said the only 2 valid 'excuses' was if I was imprisoned or hospitalized and I tried to explain to him that the woman was thorougly terrorizing my workplace and ability to earn a living but he would not hear it so I pleaded guilty and paid $500 a month for a year while the woman continued terrorizing my workplace on a weekly basis! ... this is when she was contacting all the wedding vendors I work with telling them I'm some kind of nut job terrorist and showing them the crap she has up on the internet right now.

The over $70,000 dollars in 'arrears' that were there by then were not addressed and I was not working all of that time because she got me fired from every job I held with the same crap she now has on the internet and then did this 'fatal attraction' stunt to basically get me to flee the country because she swore she would make my life an absolute living hell if I was not 'her man'.

What I'm trying to get at here is whether you are also on the $200 dollar fee schedule the other 2 lawyers talked about or whether you are somehow going to address my concerns.

Like I told you, this woman wants me imprisoned and murdered, you think I'm exagerating, but I'm not and she's straight out said it among a million other threats she's made that I have audio taped but the courts have threatened me that its illegal to audio tape anyone without their expressed consent.

I am absolutely conviced that this is a bloodline crime and the terror on me started in 1993, which makes it almost 20 years of absolute terror! In those years she and her friends have:

*Completely discredited the 7+ years of specialized training I entered to become a scientist
*Framed me with bogus accusations
*Had me fired from every job I've ever held
*Basically banned me from the biotech industry
*Attacked my workplace as a Wedding DJ and provider of wedding services
*Had my parents loose both of their homes to try to support me and keep me from being homeless
*My parents basically paid most of the child support she's received since her constant terror did not allow
me to work much all these years
*Tried to have me imprisoned and charged with 2 bogus felonies over a parody video
*Turned my son into a CIA MK Ultra guinnea pig for the elite
*Used Psychiatrist brought over from Nazi Germany by the CIA to poison my bloodline with Lithium
and other hard core drugs since age 2
*Submitted my only son to countless satanic rituasl
*Attepted assassination on my mother on Oct 31, 2004 by a hit and run
*Filed countless court pleadings to keep me stressed out all the time
*Had me under continuous threats re not seeing my son
... and I could go on and on.

What I would like to accomplish is the following:
*To have her DCSS case closed permanently because she has caused us literally over a million dollars
in damages, lost income, loss of property, loss of career, loss of business, loss of quality of life, etc
(its not easy when people in your industry think ur a nut and a terrorist based on her accusations)
*I want this child taken away from her and for him to get medical help for all the trauma and satanic ritual
abuse he has been subjected to (they perform over 500 specific satanic trauma/dissociation rituals on average
by the time these children are 13)
*This woman and the Nazi doctors that are torturing my son need to be criminally persecuted, but there is a massive cover up in San Diego on Satanic Crime and the San Diego DA's office does not even recognize its existence even though San Diego is one of the largest cities where this type of crime occurs
*Financial restitution needs to be made to me and my family for all the trauma and financial losses we have suffered as a result of this Satanic crime being perpetrated on us and my son

So I want to know where you stand and whether you are going to represent me, do you just bill the county hourly or do you have a set fee they pay you?

I am putting together a 911 million dollar lawsuit against her, her accomplices and the state and the people in our church that defrauded us, not that I would ever hope to win a dime back or that I believe in this bogus justice system but I at least want to document in public everything that our family has been put through by these generational satanists and the states complete unwillingness to do anything about this.

I'm hoping to file this lawsuit before our next hearing on April 24th, provided they don't murder me or someone in my family before hand!

I'm also suing youtube/google for censorship, they shut down my 400 video account on the grounds of 'hate speech' when I was just defending myself of the railing accusations of June Hunter, yet they allow her youtube and google to remain -and now its ranked number 1 under search engine-, is there anything you can do about that??


  1. Dude stop begging for money you loser!!

  2. Lies Lies and more Lies. This is why no one has replied to your petty cries, i say petty because they are all fabricated and or lies. You wonder why you are in the position you are in? Its because you are so far from being a true man of God that he is not there to help you. You serve Satan which is your real father. You are a liar, deceiver and a manipulative minion. You deserve every bit of what has came to you and what will come to you soon, mark my have much much worse coming.

    By the day you will stand in front of God on judgement day and the book will be opened and you will be accountable for every lie and deceptive fabricated accusation you have put on others.

    You do not believe in God because if you did you would eventually been so ashamed of all the lies and deceitfulness that you have done that you would have, should have fall on your face pleading with God for forgiveness but instead you carry on with this spiteful sin. May God have mercy upon you have no idea what is in store for you on judgement day.