Saturday, February 25, 2012

Open Letter to Members of:

Lighthouse Baptist Church San Diego
'Pastors' Doug Fisher and Gill Torres
Valera Bible Society/Jeff Mcardle and friends
Pensacola Bible Church and Institute
Fellowship Baptist church and track league
Hyles Anderson College and First Baptist Church of Hammond
Christian Law Association/David Gibbs jr and III

Dear Brethren,

My family and I have been the victims of horrendous financial fraud in the hands of Jeff Mcardle
of the Valera bible society and friends.

Jeff Mcardle convinced me and my mother to sell our home of almost 30 years and give him
the money so we could produce a Spanish reference bible set to the Reina Valera 1865 and
translate 120 of Peter Ruckman's publications in Spanish (all the details of this, including the contract can be found at our website

At the time of entering into this contract my family and I were in deep financial dire straights as a result of a woman named June Hunter who is a multigenerational Satanist who got me drunk and drugged me the day she got pregnant -the whole thing was a set up- and my son has been under the medical drugging of Psychiatrists brought over from Nazi Germany under Project Paperclip, MK Ultra, Project Bluebird, etc all ran by the CIA and the secret shadow government, its a bloodline crime and an end time/armaggedon plan of the powers that be (see criminal conspiracy,net,,,, etc for more info on generational satanic crime in the US, I never had a relationship with this woman and the whole thing was a set up and she has tormented my life, my workplace, career and that of my family for 12 years including a hit and run/attempted murder on my mother on halloween 2004 (see the blogs on for more info, I had a youtube channel with almost 400 videos that got taken down by her and her friends, where I also discussed prophecy, current events and what we were defrauded of)

When we entered into this agreement with Jeff Mcardle and members of the Valera Bible Society we had not sold our home, we had a mortgage of around $900 dollars and a trailer in the backyard that we rented for that that paid our mortgage, our house was also under prop 13 so we paid about 10% of the current CA tax rate and had put in over $120,000 dollars in home improvements to our home over the last 3 years all done by me on my spare time) … we ended up selling our home for about 30 cents on the dollar because there was a promise that we were going to impact all of Latin America with the Gospel, a reference bible, an online bible institute, 120 publications, etc.

Little did we know this was an entire con job by a psychopathic criminal named Jeff McArdle and his friends of the Valera Bible Society! We sold our home at a cost of $29,500 dollars and netted around $100,000 from the sale of the home -my mothers money- whom she gladly gave so we could enter into this agreement and so I could escape the extreme persecution from June Hunter and so she could move closer to her church at Lighthouse Baptist San Diego and get away from the continuous assassination attempts on her that were becoming more prevalent (June Hunter has been behind this all along).

I sold my business and moved to Pensacola Florida to Peter Ruckman's church to create that online bible institute that was going to reach potentially one Billion Spanish Speakers throughout Latin America.

Mr Jeff Mcardle then kept pressuring us for more and more money and his stories increasingly became more and more random, in the end they robbed us of $15,000 dollars, but it cost me about $20,000 dollars to relocate to Florida from California and after they conned us out of everything they could they threw me out and made all kinds of extorsion threats to me … basically everything that I or my family had ever told our "pastors" Gill Torres, Doug Fisher, Doug Brandenberg and Joshua Stephenson was presented to us -twisted around of course- in the form of threats … apparently there is no counselor/pastor privilege with them but it was all an extorsion attempt to silence us … interestingly enough they used symbols of the all seeing eye of horus on their jackets during these threats using masonic/satanic symbology (I explain a lot more of this on my youtube videos which I still have and in the blogs)

When we entered into this contract with Mr Jeff Mcardle we were already under extreme dire straights being Satanically persecuted for over a dozen years by June Hunter and friends who terrorized my workplace, career, business, etc relentlessly … but this was never a consideration for Mr. Jeff McArdle and friends, they basically just wanted to have us sell our home and steal all our money and then threaten us with extorsion, which is exactly what they did and got away with it.

We have spent 2 years contacting the FBI, the Secret Service, the Pensacola and Hialeah Police, Sheriffs department and economic crimes divisions all to no avail… Our losses are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, we have literally lost everything, house, vehicles, life savings, my business, personal items such as jewelry, electronics, production equipment from my business, just to put food on the table because I can't receive disability or even food stamps for some reason and now we are down to nothing… we don't even have money to pay our rent anymore at the place we are renting, my mother is on social security disability and went through a nasty Stage III Breast cancer surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy and is currently on hormone therapy … Mr. Jeff McArdle of course did take the time to answer one of my mothers calls to him to curse her and me

i texted him 2 days ago telling Jeff Mcardle we don't have money to pay our rent and he texted back saying 'he didn't believe in abortion till he met me' … we lost everything, home, life saving, career, etc and that's all he can say???

we need your prayers and financial support!!

donations can be made at criminal under the paypal button

Jeff Mcardle needs to be put behind bars! He is a criminal and a psychopath with no conscience!!

I personally fell into a deep depression and despair and borderline suicidal for the past two years, been unemployed and now being held in contempt for not paying child support and facing a year in jail over it -of course while my son is being drugged and tortured- and while Jeff Mcardle and his friends enjoy all the financial benefits of the money that came out of the sale of our home

where is the christian charity in all this??? we gave our lives to Lighthouse baptist church and to this bible institute thing and now I'm facing imprisonment and can't take care of two sick elderly parents!

Where is the love?? Do we have to file a lawsuit or criminal charges to get any help???

We contacted every 'missionary' out of Pensacola bible institute for years and all we get are curses or people saying 'why don't you go knock on doors'.. thats all we did our whole lives and now we lost everything and facing imprisonment! is that the love of Christ??

Our losses are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and we can't get one word of encouragement from the whole body of Christ ... are you ministers of God or Vatican Assassins??

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